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Developmental Education Descriptions

An important feature of the Regional Campuses is a commitment to help students become successful. Many students enter directly from high school, while others combine full-time jobs and families with class work. Success in college depends largely upon skills in reading, studying, mathematics and composition.

All students coming to KSU are required to provide their basic skills assessment. They can do this by providing their own placement scores from a national college level entrance exam (ACT or SAT) or taking a placement test through ALEKS or COMPASS on any of the Kent State University campuses. KSU offers free basic skills assessment through ALEKS and COMPASS that will assess their learning skills. This information is used by students and advisors to determine the best course placement for academic success. If testing shows the need for additional preparation in reading, studying, mathematics or composition, developmental courses are available to meet these needs and will be required to complete in their first year.

Developmental Education Courses include:

US 00003 – Reading Strategies for College Success

This course is designed to enable students to use reading to teach themselves to learn what is necessary for college success. Students will develop a college level vocabulary, a daily newspaper reading habit and a positive attitude about reading and learning. Successful completion of this course will empower the student to establish and maintain an interest in a topic, allowing the student to concentrate and thus, understand and remember what they read. Since the student has had only very little experience reading to learn, students who take US 00003 should not take heavy reading content courses because these courses require 80 pages of textbook reading each week. Students earning a ‘D’ or ‘F’ grade must repeat the course. A grade of ‘C’ or better is required to move onto the next course in the sequence, US 00006 – Study Strategies for College Success.

US 00006 – Study Strategies for College Success
This course is about applying the right strategy or technique to different courses in order to make the most efficient use of study time. Placement into this course may include what is described for US 00003 and/or one of more of the following: a student who “got by” without reading high school textbooks or doing much studying; a student who did not take high school courses that prepared him/her for the demands of college coursework; or a returning student who has been away from school for a period of time. Students will benefit most if they take a heavy content reading course during the same semester they enroll for US 00006. Students who place into US 00006 are recommended to enroll in a reading content course such as psychology, history or sociology do better in the reading content course because the courses demand 80 pages of textbook reading each week.

ENG 01001 – Intro to College Writing I—Stretch
ENG 11002 – College Writing I—Stretch

In this writing “stretch” sequence the student will remain with the same instructor for an entire academic year. ENG 01001 will emphasize developmental work, including how to choose a topic, make a point and support ideas with clear details, the essentials for successful college writing. A minimum grade of ‘C’ is required, along with passing a portfolio assessment to move onto ENG 11002 – College Writing I-S. ENG 11002 will emphasize reading, thinking, writing and technological skills to prepare students for ENG 21011 – College Writing II. A minimum grade of ‘C’ is required to advance to ENG 21011.

MATH 00020 – Pre-Algebra

This math placement indicates the student’s need for review of properties of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, signed numbers and order of operations, to a greater degree than in Basic Algebra I and Basic Algebra II. Mental math and elementary algebraic thinking skills are emphasized and use of calculators is not allowed. Hours not counted toward graduation. Prerequisite: 0-9 on ALEKS placement assessment.

MATH 00021 – Basic Algebra I

Includes operations on integers, fractions, decimals and percents, properties of real numbers. Introduction to variables, first degree equations and problem-solving with formulas. Equations and inequalities in one variable, linear equations, rate of change and slope, graphing in the Cartesian plane. Hours do not count toward graduation. Prerequisite or co-requisite: minimum C (2.0) grade in MATH 00020 or 10-24 on ALEKS placement assessment.

MATH 00022 – Basic Algebra II
This math placement provides Introduction to functions, systems of linear equations, exponents, polynomial operations, scientific notation. Factoring polynomials, solving quadratics by factoring, radicals and rational exponents. Hours not counted toward graduation. Prerequisite or co-requisite: minimum C (2.0) grade in MATH 00021 or 25-34 on ALEKS placement assessment.

MATH 00023 – Basic Algebra III
Zeros of functions, rational expressions and equations, problem-solving with rational expressions, intermediate factoring techniques. Quadratics: functions, graphs, equations, inequalities, "quadratic type" equations and problem-solving. Prerequisite or co-requisite: minimum C (2.0) grade in MATH 00022 or 35-44 on ALEKS placement assessment.

MATH 00024 – Basic Algebra IV
Advanced factoring techniques, rational functions, radical equations, absolute value equations and inequalities. Exponential and logarithmic functions: introduction, graphing, problem-solving. Prerequisite or co-requisite: minimum C (2.0) grade in MATH 00023 or 45+ on ALEKS placement assessment. Student must complete this course with a grade of “C” or better to move onto Math 11010 (Algebra for Calculus), or another math course if required by their major.

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