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Test Taking Policies

 Test-Taking Policies

  1. Students are responsible for contact SAS at least two days in advance to schedule a test.  At that time, students are also responsible for reminding the faculty member that they will be taking the exam in the SAS office.
  1. Students utilizing the test proctoring service will be expected to take their tests at the same time as other class members.  Every effort will be made to arrange test proctoring on the same day and as close as possible to the time the rest of the class is scheduled to take the exam.  However, the appointment times depend on the availability of proctors and rooms.  Students must schedule their exams during the hours posted for the SAS office.  Any student who needs to take his/her test at a time/date other than when the class meets must obtain permission from his/her instructor.  New testing arrangements must then be communicated directly to the SAS office by the instructor.  If a student fails to complete an exam at the schedule time, the student must provide permission from his/her instructor to take it at another time.
  1. It is always the instructor's choice to provide the stated accommodations in his/her own classroom or building.  Indeed, this may be helpful in some cases, as the instructor or other qualified individuals might be better served to answer questions about the test.  We request that the student discuss the testing process in detail with the professor/instructor prior to the exam.
  2. If you are authorized to use a test proctor for reading questions to you, the proctor MUST read the question as it is written.  This means that that proctor cannot paraphrase the question or explain the question for you.
  1. If you are authorized to use a scribe to write/type essays for you, the scribe can only write what you EXACTLY dictate to him/her.  The scribe is NOT permitted to check your grammar or make any comments about the content of what you have dictated.
  1. Should a student who is being proctored at the SAS office have content-specific questions about the exam, we will make every effort to contact the instructor of the course.  If we are unable to reach her/him, we will instruct the student to provide a written explanation of his/her question, to be attached to the exam.
  1. One seated in the testing room, the student is not permitted to leave.  If a student needs to take frequent breaks as a disability accommodation, the exam will be administered in smaller sections.  The student will then be permitted to take breaks during the testing provided he/she return completed sections to the test proctor.  The student is NOT permitted to return to sections he/she completed before the break.
  1. Incidents of improper test taking, as defined by the University's Policy on Student Cheating and Plagiarism, will be handled as if they occurred in the classroom.  If cheating is evident, the proctor will stop the exam immediately, and return the exam to the instructor with a written explanation of what occurred.  It is expected that the professor/instructor will hold the student accountable for his/her inappropriate action.

It is important that we follow these guidelines carefully to ensure the integrity of our test-proctoring system, and the credibility we have earned with the faculty. Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck on your exams!