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Additional Faculty Expectations

Additional Policies and Procedures for Faculty

Please note the following campus based procedures and guidelines:

All University freshmen receive midterm grades. Grades are input via Faculty Tools in FlashLine. You will receive a notice indicating when midterm grades are allowed to be submitted (there is a 5-day window of time between weeks seven and eight of the semester).

All students receiving an Incomplete MUST read and sign an incomplete form. Faculty are required to complete the form and to go over the form with the student and to sign the form. Students are also required to sign the form. Signed forms must be submitted to Reina Taylor.

Please utilize the correct form for typing and copying and additional secretary support requests. Contact Shelley Urchek-Geist at the Regional Academic Center or Denise Milhollan the Geauga Campus for information in this regard.

Faculty must be accessible to students outside the classroom through office hours, e-mail and/or voice mail. All methods of communication must be included in the syllabus.

Students attending class who are not on your class list- do not accept students in you classes unless their names are on your class list or they have a properly signed receipt/verification. Any student who does not satisfy this criterion should be referred to the registrar or an advisor.

Meeting Your Class-There is enough material in each course to warrant the designated number of hours that the class is scheduled to meet. Therefore you are expected to meet every class at the time and on the day it is scheduled. Should an emergency occur, that would make it impossible to meet your class, please contact the Geauga campus office at (440) 834-4187 and/or the Regional Academic Center office at (330) 888-6400. Under no circumstances should a faculty member cancel a class without notification to the Campus' or Center's office. This includes the last week/ class of the semester and the scheduled final exam day. Leave of Absence forms are available on-line and/or from the office.

Please direct students to the Registrars page for each semester's official calendar for the last day that a student may withdraw from class.

Instructors must provide students with a course syllabus the first day of class. Two copies of the syllabus must be submitted to the Associate Dean by the end of the first week of the semester. The submission of syllabi is required. College of Business faculty must also submit one (1) copy of their syllabus to Alex Moore, 107 BSA Kent Campus 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Student Evaluation of Instruction Forms will be distributed 2-3 weeks before the end of the semester. The evaluation of classes by students is mandatory.

Students who meet with the Associate Dean as referencing instructor/class based concerns will be requested to meet with the faculty member in an effort to resolve the concern. The Associate Dean will share a student's concern with faculty if and/or when a student is apprehensive about meeting with the faculty member.

Room assignments cannot be changed unless approved by the Associate Dean. The only classes that are assigned specific classroom because of equipment stipulations are Computer Technology, Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Nursing, Geology and as requested Mathematics and English.

Equipment should not be moved from one classroom to another OR put in the hallway because you are not using it. The procedure and timelines for requesting equipment must be followed or you run the risk of not having needed equipment available when you need it. At Geauga, contact Dr. Mary Hricko, Library Director to request equipment. At the Regional Academic Center communicate directly with Scott Swan.

Faculty must request desk copies from the publisher. The library does not have copies of textbooks. Textbook orders for classes are made months in advance. Once ordered, the text cannot be changed until the next semester. Please contact the Associate Dean for textbook ordering deadlines. 

All instructional (teaching) substitutes must be approved by the Associate Dean.

All new adjunct faculty members must communicate with the Geauga campus/based full-time faculty member(s) in their subject area before the end of the 1" week of class. If there is no full-time faculty member in your subject area, please contact the Assistant Dean and/or the Kent campus department chair or course coordinator with any subject area questions.

*Emergency Closing Procedures-should it become necessary to cancel classes due to poor weather conditions or for any other reason, notification will be broadcast via Channel 8 and I-Alert Cleveland (channels 3,19,23,43), radio WHLO 640, WKDD 98.1, WCRE 103.3, WTAM 1100, WGAR 99.5, WMJI 105.7, WAKS 96.5, WMMS 100.7, WMVX 106.5), WKSU 89.7 FM and posted on the Geauga and Kent Campus websites. Note that Geauga Campus class cancellations refer to those in Burton only and do not include those at Twinsburg unless specifically noted.

Forms and grade books are available from Shelley Urchek-Geist or Tracy Jarden.